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Slogan of the Year 1400: Pishgaman Dry Port on the Realization Way

The CEO of Pishgaman Dry Port said: the provided condition in this cooperative port will support the production and realization of the slogan of the year 1400.

Mr. Mohammad Reza Shahsavari, referring to the capacities created in Pishgaman dry port, stated: In this port, all the required vital infrastructure for production and the necessary facilities to support domestic production and producers have been provided.

He added: “Suitable storage condition, affordable road and rail transportation, export of manufactured goods and import of required raw materials in Pishgaman dry port have been provided, and with the official opening of this huge 700-hectare port in March last month, we are ready more than ever to support production and realization the slogan of the year.

The CEO of Pishgaman Dry Port, reducing customs formalities and the existence of unique logistics infrastructure in this economic port are as examples of removing barriers and disrupting production and expressed hope; with the participation of investors in various fields, the flourishing of the cooperatives idea​​ and using the people’s micro-capitals will become objective more than ever.  

Mr. Shahsavari, stating that domestic production is the foundation of a strong economy and sustainable employment, continued: “The condition is provided for the presence of investors and producers of different sectors in the Pishgaman dry port, and also suitable facilities are offered to them”.

Date of Registration: 28 آوریل 2021
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