The first Specialized Symposium on rail transport of steel products

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Gilas Computer

. Pishgaman Information and Communication Security Technology . Provider of equipments for : Fortinet, Juniper, Kaspersky, Cisco, HP, Bitdefender, Acunetix, Traning|No.: 14, 2nd Floor, Pishgaman Building, Adjacent to Zohre, Ordibehesht St., In front of Nelson Mandela Boulevard, North Side Street, Corner of Kish Street No. 5, Building Meeting, Second Floor, Unit 7|Phone: +098-21 88664707|

Pishgaman Mohtava Gostar

. The research and innovation center of the country information and communication technology . Decision-making consultant, Future research and policy making in the field of information and communication technology|Unit No.; 2, 1sr floor, Adina Building , Adjacent to Saderat Bank, Near Naleasbi, Ayatollah Khatami Boulevard|Phone: +98-3538209325 |