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Production of “High Technology” Electronic Boards in the Pishgaman Asr-e-Ertebatat

Production Cooperative Company of Pishgaman Asr-e-Ertebatat has turned the threat of sanctions into an opportunity by producing “High Technology” electronic boards.

According to the public relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group;

Production Cooperative Company of Pishgaman Asr-e-Ertebatat, which operates in the fields of board assembly, electronics and lighting industries, has succeeded in operating and assembling electronic boards of special and high-tech industries, including medical, military and automotive.

“High-tech” is the newest and most advanced technology of the present age and the foremost of other technologies.

Pishgaman Asr-e-Ertebatat, due to the sanctions conditions of this technology and also the customers’ trust to the internal capability has turned the threat of sanctions into an opportunity, and succeeded in producing this type of electronic boards.

Processors, complex multilayer circuits, programming, high technology, high security in reverse engineering are the features of these boards that are produced in the Pishgaman Asr-e-Ertebatat by using advanced and equipped machines (SMT and THT) with modern technology.

It is worth mentioning that programming, casing and product finalizing services are also provided in the quality assurance unit of Pishgaman Asr-e-Ertebatat for production of the final product.

Date of Registration: 18 سپتامبر 2021
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