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  •   A glance at 25 years of activities by Pishgamaan Cooperative Group, currently possessing almost 30 subsidiary companies and 50 thousand shareholders, shows that it has turned into a specialized union of cooperatives for infrastructure affairs. Wherever there is an important and substantial project in the province or other parts of the county with benefits for the nation, Pishgamaan always reaches out a helping hand with the pivotal belief that cooperatives play the main role.      

  •  Pishgamaan’s cooperative countrywide activities include cooperative activities, social justice, attracting micro finances from people, presenting attractive ideas, providing electronic and telecommunication services, ownership of exclusive optic fiber in High Seas.

  • Pishgamaan Cooperative Group, with a 25-year brilliant record in the country’s cooperative sector, has already been awarded different honors in economic and social arenas. Pishgamaan has consistently tried to play a constructive role with the collaboration of people.

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Active Companies


  • Statue for the best province cooperative

    Golden badge for the best province cooperative

    Success golden badge of technology stars festival

  • Success golden badge for industries and industrial soft wares  

    Success golden badge

    Success golden badge

  • High badge for the best famous cooperative in the technology and communication services

    Organizational Success golden badge for the best cooperative

    Organizational Success golden badge

  • Excellent showcase of excellence in IT and telecommunication services

    The golden mark of the success of the Trade Development Organization

    The golden badge of organizational success in providing superior services
Adventurous Investment in Innovative Ideas
An agreement was concluded between the Pishgaman Innovation Accelerator and the Innovation Fund to support innovative ideas, the growth of the entrepreneurial economy and technology development.
The Necessity of Utilization of Pishgaman Dry Port Exclusive Basis in order to Production Leap
A group of cooperatives of Kerman province by attending in Pishgaman Dry Port, while visiting different parts of this cooperative port, including cold storages, warehouses, shunting yards and customs area, got acquainted with the activities of the first cooperative port of Iran.
Entrepreneurship and Increasing the Production of “Pishgaman Asr-e- Ertebatat” Co. in the Production Leap Year
The CEO of Pishgaman Company assigned that the entrepreneurship and production of up-to-date and high quality products are the priorities of this cooperative company.
Obtaining the License of the Empowerment Center of Knowledge Enterprise Companies by Pishgaman Accelerator
werment Center of Knowledge Enterprise Companies was obtained by Pishgaman Accelerator Company.
Companies of Pishgaman cooperative group

Producer of different types of fruits’ concentrate including pomegranate and apples in compliance with global standards

Supplying the domestic concentrate market as well as exporting to other countries

. Producing fruit juice, packing and sorting fruits, producing and packing dried fruits



Pishgaaman Kavir Yazd Fruit Products and Fruit Juice Cooperative Company, Alaleh Avenue, Zeytoon st., Aqaaqia Blvd., Abrisham Blvd., Yazd Industrial Zone, Iran

Phone: +98- 03537272781

No.:2, Firouzeh alley, After Shahid Bahonar communication center, Shariati St., Tehran.
Phone: +98-2123545
Fax: +98-22607555