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  • Therefore, new areas of activities emerged. A brief look at 22 years of fruitful activities in Pishgaman Cooperative Group, currently possessing 30 subsidiaries and over 40 thousand shareholders, reveals that the company has now turned into a specialized union of infrastructures in cooperative sector. One also learns that whenever, in Yazd or other areas in the country, a major project will national benefits was discussed; Pishgaman offered a supporting hand based on cooperative principles. 

  •  The vast range of activities in Pishgaman Cooperative Group including cooperatives, social justice, absorbing microfinance from people, providing attractive and popular ideas, electronic and telecommunication services, exclusive possession of optic fiber in free waters have all tremendously expanded the group.

  • Pishgaman Cooperative Group was established 22 years ago as a result of ingenuity of a number of Yazdi elite. Commencing its activities on internet-based information exchange made the group an exemplary company in cooperative sphere. 

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  • Statue for the best province cooperative

    Golden badge for the best province cooperative

    Success golden badge of technology stars festival

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    Success golden badge

    Success golden badge

  • High badge for the best famous cooperative in the technology and communication services

    Organizational Success golden badge for the best cooperative

    Organizational Success golden badge

  • Excellent showcase of excellence in IT and telecommunication services

    The golden mark of the success of the Trade Development Organization

    The golden badge of organizational success in providing superior services
People’s Satisfaction: Paramount Goal Sought After by Pishgaman Tose’e Ertebatat Company
Our company's paramount goal is to increase the quality of our internet services as well as satisfying our customers, Public Relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group quoted the General Manager of Pishgaman Tose'e Ertebatat.
Emphasis on Importance of Cooperatives’ Roles during Sanction Era
The economy minister highlighted the role of cooperatives as "relief for economy" during sanction era, a report by Public Relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group.
Bazargaam: Guarantee for Quality and Appropriate Prices
Desirable quality and low prices are achieved due to elimination of middlemen, said Amir Hossein Rezaeinejad, head of the first online website to sell fruits and vegetables in Iran.
Pishgaman CEO Attributes Sustainable Development to Cooperatives
Cooperatives in developing countries are secure instruments to propel development plans, the Public Relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group quoted Mohammad Reza Rezaeinejad.
Companies of Pishgaman cooperative group

. Provider of customs services and good release
. Provider of rail and container transport services and tracking under the goods network
. Integrated public storage, refrigerator, bascule, packaging and sorting services

Head Office: 1th unit, 1th floor , Pishgaman building, Shahid Beheshti Blvd, Yazd, First Floor, First Unit
Phone: +98-3536294314 Fax:3536294319

No.:2, Firouzeh alley, After Shahid Bahonar communication center, Shariati St., Tehran.
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