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  • Pishgaman Cooperative Group, with this motto that we have risen from Yazd and think about globalization, is looking for a bright, prosperous and dignity future, so it attempts to open a new window to the magnificent advancement sky.

  • This group not only is famous in the field of IT, but also with a lot of strength and effort, faith, authority and perseverance that has long been a characteristic of the desert people and has come into many fields and has attached the trusts of more than; 39,000 shareholders from the vast homeland of Islamic Iran and it attempts to keep this confidence as an eternal capital. Pishgaman Cooperative Group with 30 companies thinks about globalization, and relying on the four principles of trust, thinking, commitment and cooperation, stands on the proud platform in this industry.

  • The Pishgaman Cooperative Group, was first established with establishment of a company in field of IT in 1375 as the largest Iranian cooperative group in the field of information technology, relying on the knowledge and skills of the educated and elites of Yazd, but soon it passed the stages of progression and expansion Either in terms of activity or geographic extent, and it was approached to pre-designed ideals step by step.

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  • Statue for the best province cooperative

    Golden badge for the best province cooperative

    Success golden badge of technology stars festival

  • Success golden badge for industries and industrial soft wares  

    Success golden badge

    Success golden badge

  • High badge for the best famous cooperative in the technology and communication services

    Organizational Success golden badge for the best cooperative

    Organizational Success golden badge

  • Excellent showcase of excellence in IT and telecommunication services

    The golden mark of the success of the Trade Development Organization

    The golden badge of organizational success in providing superior services
Pishkaman Kavir Asia Co. is a successful model for the cooperatives of the country
Dr. Sobhanifar chairman of the Communications and Information Technology Committee of the assembly appreciated the activities of Pishgaman Cooperative Group during his visit from the Pishkaman Kavir Asia Co. and emphasized that : Pishkaman should be introduced as a successful model for the cooperatives of the country.
technologies. In this regard, Keypad Pishgaman company became a knowledge base company receiving the related a licenses.
By the end of the year, 500 units of solar power plant will be operated. Hosseini Ezatabadi, managing director of Pishgaman Solar Energy Co., said: "The first phase of solar power plants is underway.
Keypad Pishgaman Co. was based on knowledge
Keypad Pishgaman Co. became a knowledge base company receiving the related licenses.
Visit of active persons of the cooperative sector with the chairman of the Islamic parliament
The joint meeting of the cooperative board of director, the union managing directors and a group of heads of cooperative chambers across the country were held with the chairman of the Islamic parliament and the cooperative fraction Board of director in the parliament building. .
Companies of Pishgaman cooperative group

. Owner of license to create and operate a fixed communications network “FCP”
. Provider of dedicated bandwidth, +ADSL2 and central Internet VDSL2VDSL2
. Providers of intelligent HomePhone NGN, WIFI Urban Internet

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