Concentrating people’s funds into investor share cooperatives from in order to implement Infrastructure projects



Providing services including customs, logistics, clearance, transportation, refrigerated warehouses, etc



The Sole Iranian Owner of Submarine Optical Cable Offering International Bandwidth Services Landline Phones, High-speed Internet



The Sole and the First Iranian Cooperative Post Company



lighting products And assembly of electronic boards



the first stone paper factory in iran



bazargam: Biggest Online Network to Buy and Sell Fruits in Iran


Most Advanced Production Line to Produce Fruit Concentrate and Fruit-Based Products


Investing in the water transfer project of Oman Sea to the central plateau of Iran.



Production and distribution of renewable energy sources,counstruction of home solar power plant.



Providing of cold stores services.

Double-circuit cold stores in above and zero degrees.



Pioneer in Social, Educational Cultural and Sports Activities



Pioneer in Expansion of Business Atmospheres & Startups



Owner of environmental spaces in the iran.

Providing of advertising consulting,new designs and methods of advertising ,market research, strategy & branding