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Investment in Agriculture, Energy and Health in the Second Phase of Pishgaman Dry Port

The Chairman of the Pishgaman Dry Port announced the presence of private sector investors in the fields of agriculture, energy and health in the second phase of Pishgaman Dry Port.

According to the public relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group;

Mr. Amir Hossain Rezainejad, congratulating the tenth anniversary of the establishment of this cooperative company and appreciating the support of shareholders, the purpose of establishing and launching the first cooperative dry port is to create a logistics base in the center of the country to enjoy the benefits of this point, including lower shipping costs and product maintenance, lower humidity, special facilities as well as more security in terms of defense and away from border centers.

The Chairman of the Board of Pishgaman Dry Port, stating that in the past 10 years, we have gone through many ups and downs, added: connection to the national rail network, establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran’ Customs in the dry port for export, import and clearance of goods, operation of Two-circuit -15,000 ton cold storage, 8 km long internal rail, equipping and commissioning two covered warehouses with an area of ​​5,000 square meters, 8 hectares of open customs warehouse, 3500 meters of covered warehouse in the customs area and more than 10 hectares of open warehouse, established Fuel station, transportation town including restaurant, weighbridge, mosque as well as office buildings are among the measures taken in the first phase of Pishgaman Dry Port.

Mr. Rezaeinejad pointed to the start of the operating activities of Pishgaman Dry Port second phase, in the fields of agriculture, rail and road transport, energy and health, and said that supplying the future needs of the country is one of the priorities investment in the dry port, and added; In the field of agriculture, purchasing and supplying market fruits and basic goods such as meat and poultry as a logistics base and construction of advanced hydroponic greenhouses on a 100-hectare land is underway, which is in the placement stage by supplying the desired water and purchasing the necessary equipment.

He added: “In the field of agriculture, considering that the seeds are not produced in the country and the seeds used are imported, we are negotiating with the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad and the Innovation & Prosperity Fund for investment to set up a seed line.”

Mr. Rezaeinejad pointed to the importance of providing livestock inputs for the production of meat, poultry, milk and dairy products and said: with the aim of reducing prices and solving the problems of sanctions and participation of the private sector, the construction of a 16 thousand and five hundred tons silo is running to buy and store livestock inputs at Pishgaman Dry Port and distribution in Yazd and Southern provinces of the country.

He expressing that; one of the current problems of the country is electricity generation, hope that by launching and constructing a 50 MW power plant by the end of this year, while supplying the electricity required by Pishgaman dry port, we can provide the surplus of its to the province electricity distribution company.

Mr. Amir Hossain Rezaeinejad stated that developing the rail transport fleet to increase cargo volume and reduce costs, establishing the strong and smart road transport company to reduce transportation costs and improve the social health of the country’s drivers, and establishing the health village are ongoing projects of Pishgaman Dry Port at this year.

Date of Registration: 18 سپتامبر 2021
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