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The Big Step of Pishgaman Company to Upgrade the Communication Infrastructure of Yazd City

The cooperation agreement was signed between Yazd Municipality and Pishgaman Tose’e Ertebatat Company to upgrade the infrastructure and provide high-speed Internet service.

According to the public relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group;

In order to transform Yazd as a smart city and provide high-speed Internet service by using fiber optic, for the first time in the country, a cooperation agreement with title “using the excess capacity of fiber optic” between Mr. Azizi (Yazd Municipality) and Mr. Bemanipour (CEO of Pishgaman Tose’e Ertebatat Company) was signed.

According to this agreement and in the first phase, Pishgaman Tose’e Ertebatat Company and municipality by using the excess capacity of the fiber optic network, will implement 20 km of microduct and specific optical fiber network with the aim of increasing the quality and quantity of subscribers’ bandwidth.

It is worth to mention that more than 80 km of fiber optic route has been created by Yazd Municipality in Yazd city and Pishgaman Company with the implementation of this project will be able to provide service to all organizations, universities, towers, complexes and etc. that will cause a great change in the expansion of Yazd infrastructure.

Date of Registration: 25 آگوست 2021
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