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Equipping Pishgaman Dry Port to Fuel Station

By constructing fuel station in the Pishgaman Dry Port, the refueling route for drivers will be reduced to 15 km.

The construction operation of a fuel station supply on the 700-hectare site of the Dry Port began in October last year and will be operational in the next six months.

At present, the design of the fuel station supply, the infrastructure of the yard, the construction of tanks and the installation in the underground station have been carried out, and the construction of other parts, including the office building and the fuel station supply is underway.

With construction and operation of the Pishgaman Dry Port fuel station, on a 9,000-square-meter land and the supply of gasoline and diesel, the route required of drivers to provide fuel will be reduced to at least 15 kilometers.

It is worth to noting that; The Pishgaman Dry Port fuel station is being built with the participation of the private sector.

Date of Registration: 3 می 2021
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