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The CEO of Pishgaman Customer Club became the Country’s Exemplary Entrepreneur

Mr. Amir Hossain Rezaeinejad, the CEO of Pishgaman Customer Club, became the country’s exemplary entrepreneur and a candidate for TOYP International Event.

National Event of Eligible Entrepreneur Young, with selecting 10 top young people under the age of 40, by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) with effective criteria in performing the missions of the entrepreneurial organization, such as; turn challenges and threats into opportunities, achieve success and impactful achievements, as well as inspire and motivate yourself and others is held each year.

Mr. Amir Hossain Rezaeinejad, the CEO of Pishgaman Customers Club Cooperative Company, was selected as one of the worthy young entrepreneurs of the country with the opinion of the refereeing team and was a candidate for the international TOYP event.

This event, with presence of more than 100 people and 12 judges in various fields with cooperation of various groups, including: Non-Oil Export Commission, Iran Chamber of Commerce and the Entrepreneurship Fraction of the Islamic Consultative Assembly with the aim of globalizing entrepreneurial youth, was held online in Iran.

Date of Registration: 3 می 2021
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