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Entering More Than 500,000 Tons of Loads to the Pishgaman Dry Port in Last Year

Mr. Mohammad Reza Shahsavari stated that: last year, despite the conditions of the economy and production, caused by the outbreak of the Corona Virus, more than 500,000 tons of loads, by rail and road, entered to the Pishgaman Dry Port.

He said that; these loads is included cold storage, customs and bulk loads, and added: iron ore, iron ore concentrate, cement cleaner, fruits, industrial machinery and grain are the inputting loads to the Pishgaman Dry Port for a year.

The CEO of Pishgaman Dry Port, referring to the official opening of the first phase of this complex with the presence of the First Vice President, in 2020, said: “Special facilities, including discounts on rail transportation of products to some destinations for exporters and special discounts on warehousing for wholesalers are expected in the Dry Port.

Mr. Shahsavari continued that: the first phase of the Pishgaman Dry Port Cooperative Company includes; cold storage with capacity 15,000 tons, two 10,000 square meters warehouses, customs and shunting yard, rail connection of the dry port station to the national rail, is ready to provide services to traders.

Date of Registration: 3 می 2021
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