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Adventurous Investment in Innovative Ideas

According to the public relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group, the signing ceremony of adventurous investment agreement in innovative ideas by presence of Mr.Jahromi, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and a group of country’s officials at the Innovation and Prosperity Fund was held in Tehran.

In this ceremony, Pishgaman Innovation Accelerator Company, as one of the first acceleration centers in the co-investment plan of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, concluded a cooperation agreement for the aim of financing businesses based on technology in the early stages of formation with the Innovation and Prosperity Fund.

This agreement is designed to help grow the entrepreneurial economy, create employment, technology development, support of innovative ideas, and also increase the capacity of accelerators to provide better services to talented and accelerator-approved startup teams.

It should be noted that this project, for the first time by the Innovation and Prosperity Fund with the cooperation of 4 selected accelerators in the country, including the Pishgaman Innovation Accelerator, has been implemented.

Date of Registration: 20 فوریه 2021
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