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Entrepreneurship and Increasing the Production of “Pishgaman Asr-e- Ertebatat” Co. in the Production Leap Year

The CEO of Pishgaman Company assigned that the entrepreneurship and production of up-to-date and high quality products are the priorities of this cooperative company.

According to the public relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group, the CEO of “Pishgaman Asr-e- Ertebatat” Production Cooperative, on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the company, announced the increasing labors, producing and updating of the company’s products in this year.

Hadi Khabiripour, expressed that the purpose of establishing the Pishgaman Asr-e- Ertebatat is assessing the needs of the market, presenting basket of goods of diverse and interdependent capabilities in the field of electronics and turning the company into a knowledge enterprise and internationally valid complex. Also he added: Pishgaman Asr-e- Ertebatat Co, in continuation of production process of domestic products, has succeeded in producing a new generation of attendance clocks, portable tribunes, lamps, lights and lighting projectors.


The CEO of Pishgaman Asr-e-Ertebatat Cooperative Company, considered that obtaining Tavanir approval regarding the LED street lights products of and its installing in the provinces such as:  Tehran, Yazd, Mashhad, Kerman, Khuzestan and Qom, and also entrepreneurship for 50 new workers, are as the most important activities of this company.

He added in the end: “This Company has been able to pay special attention to the health of its personnel in the current economic conditions due to Covid-19 disease, which has justified many companies with many problems.”

Date of Registration: 20 فوریه 2021
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