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Obtaining the License of the Empowerment Center of Knowledge Enterprise Companies by Pishgaman Accelerator

werment Center of Knowledge Enterprise Companies was obtained by Pishgaman Accelerator Company.

According to the public relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group, Pishgaman Accelerator Cooperative Company, in the fourth year of its activity and in order to achieve its goals, has obtained the official brokerage license of the Vice President for Science and Technology in empowering the Knowledge Enterprise Companies in Yazd province.

Pishgaman Accelerator, as the Empowerment Center of the Province’s Knowledge Enterprise Companies, provides various services with using the province’s native professors and elites. Some of the services of this accelerator are: holding training courses, specialized question and answer sessions, providing business consulting and holding the empowerment campaigns.

It is notable that due to the support of the Vice President for Science and Technology, the presence of the staff of province’s knowledge and non-knowledge enterprise companies in these programs is completely free and companies can use the services of this center.  To benefit the educational and consulting services, apply through the http: // bizservices.ir.

In order to provide free services to all employers in the province, the license of the Empo

Date of Registration: 20 فوریه 2021
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