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Minister: Communication Ministry Supports Innovative Ideas “Pishgaaman is Leading Innovative Cooperative”

 The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, emphasized that resistance and persistence are the two crucial conditions for new ideas to succeed.

 According to a report by the Public Relations of Pishgaaman Cooperative Group, the minister casted his ministry’s support for innovative ideas. “Startup and innovation mean disrupting habits whereas startups should be able to resist against the problems and create innovative solutions for them”, said the minister.

 Azari appreciated the achievements by Bazargaam, Ecopost, and Baarpad systems as “they offered welfare for people, eliminated the middlemen, and increased farmers’ income”. The minister promised his ministry would offer any help in order to facilitate the innovative activities.

 According to Azari, Pishgaaman Cooperative Group is an innovative and dynamic cooperative which has been successful in different fields as well as in expanding startup ideas in the country.

Date of Registration: 9 دسامبر 2019
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