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Post, Logistics, and Agricultural Startups Unveiled by Communication Minister

 Post, Logistics, and Agricultural Startups of Pishgaaman Cooperative Group were Unveiled during a ceremony attended by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

 According to a report by the Public Relations of Pishgaaman Cooperative Group, Bazargaam, Ecopost, and Baarpad startups were officially launched.

 During the ceremony, the General Manager of Pishgamaan Cooperative Group, Mohammad Reza Rezaeinejad, said that Pishgaaman is currently active in numerous construction and IT projects based on participation of more than 50,000 shareholders. “Pishgaaman Cooperative Group, led by private sector merchants and entrepreneurs, has created an ecosystem through which the foundation of development, employment, and revenue generation can be accomplished”, said Rezaeinejad.

The general manager of Pishgaaman Customers Club, Amir Hossein Rezaeinejad, pointed to reasons behind establishing Bazargaam, Ecopost, and Baarpad startups. These startups can facilitate purchasing fruit and also couriering. According to him, creating progressive platforms for post, logistics, and agricultural startups can bring higher welfare for people in different fields.

Date of Registration: 9 دسامبر 2019
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