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Pishgaman Dry Port Speeds Up Development in Yazd Province

The Governorate General of Yazd Province said great capacities for services and transportation in Pishgaman Dry Port would help the province develop faster, Pishgaman Cooperative Group Public Relations reported.

 Based on the report, Mohammad Ali Talebi who was accompanied by his economic and development deputies, made the comment during a visit to different sections of the dry port including transportation complex, general warehouse, a two-circuit 18,000-ton refrigeration house, customs venue, shunting yard, and administrative buildings.

 After the visit, Talebi held a meeting with top officials of the dry port in which current potentials of the cooperative port were discussed. He urged that creation of parallel capacities in these sectors must be avoided through careful monitoring and assessment of needs in the province.

Date of Registration: 1 جولای 2019
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