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Social Base: Key Factor in Pishgaman Group

  The greatest wealth in Pishgaman Cooperative Group is its social base and such base should be extended to other sectors, the Public Relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group quoted Mohammad Ja’far Kabiri, the Deputy Minister of Cooperative, Labor and Social Welfare.

 The remarks were made in a meeting with the managers after the official paid a visit to different sections of Pishgaman Dry Port including refrigerated warehouses, general warehouses, customs venue, and railroad area. He admired the activities already done by praising “thought and determination of people in Yazd for creation of value added in current projects”.

 The deputy minister emphasized the necessity for absorbing people’s microfinances as a means to realize macro targets. We are willing to promote cooperatives in order to solve major economic problems, he said. He also expressed hope that following the investments made so far, the dry port could turn into a regional hub for exchange of goods and services.  

Date of Registration: 1 جولای 2019
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