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Vice President Supports Stone Paper Industry

Iran’s vice president for science and technology, Sorena Sattari, expressed his department to invest in stone paper industry in Yazd Province, the Public Relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group reported.

 Sattari’s interest was expressed during a meeting after he paid visit to different parts of Pishgaman San’at Sabz Company. The vice president urged to make the best use of the current potentials as a means to boom manufacturing and employment. During the meeting, attended by Yazd governor general, the head of Pishgaman Cooperative Group, Mohammad Reza Rezaeinejad, said: “Entrepreneurship is Yazd has historical roots considering the Canal Civilization in the province. Relying on people’s trust and Cooperatives Law, Pishgaman Cooperative Group has created an ecosystem of infrastructures and has currently entered a new phase of activities.

 Pishgaman San’at Sabz is the first and only stone paper manufacturing company in the Middle East.  

Date of Registration: 1 ژوئن 2019
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