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Human Resources of Pishgaman Praised on Labor Day

The human Resources department of Pishgaman Cooperative Group was praised during the 30th national festival of Elites of Manufacturing sector as the top group, the Public Relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group reported.

 The report adds that the head of human resources department of Pishgaman Cooperative Group, Mohammad Kazem Keshvarshahi, was given a statue. The ceremony was attended by the Governor General of Yazd Province, Mohammad Ali Talebi who made a speech on the occasion of the global day of labor. He emphasized that workers bear the heaviest burden in booming domestic production. Talebi highlighted the administration’s approach in protecting the workers and considering their demands. According to him, the key to the labors’ sector is sympathy, strong determination as well as an organized labor union.

Date of Registration: 1 ژوئن 2019
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