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Member of Resistive Economy Headquarters Urges Cooperatives to Act as Driving Force for Manufacturing Section

“Paying attention to cooperatives will accelerate and boost manufacturing section”, said Mohammadreza Rezaeinejad, the member of Resistive Economy Headquarters, expressing the slogan presented by the country’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei which is “production boom”.

 According to the report published by ISNA news agency, Rezaeinejad said the efficient way to overcome economic shortages and conquer sanctions is emphasizing national manufacturing sector. “Production boom advised by the Leader for this Iranian calendar year must be the foremost concern for all the officials and policymakers across the country”, added Rezaeinejad.  

 Rezaeinejad, also a member of the country’s Chamber of Cooperatives, introduced the capacities of cooperatives sector as one of the main levers to realize the slogan. Focusing on the role of cooperatives in economic equilibrium, he urged for stronger roles by cooperatives in the new year.

 Cooperatives are the driving forces which can realize production boom. Considering the role and capacities of cooperatives in the country’s Constitution, they will be undoubtedly effective in boosting manufacturing sector and consequently reduce foreign dependence, continued Rezaeinejad who is the head of Pishgaman Cooperative Group. According to him, believing in people’s trust and appreciating their participation are the main elements towards overcoming problems since in today’s economy, the only means to overcome barriers is to rely on people.

 Reliance on youth’s thoughts and strengths is a crucial factor in realizing this year’s slogan, emphasized Rezaeinejad, expressing that the Leader’s emphasis on the youth can revolutionize the economy and manufacturing sector. He added that production boom will happen through trusting the youth in economic, technologic, and scientific arenas.

Date of Registration: 13 آوریل 2019
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