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Pishgaman Cooperative Group Takes Part in Comitex Exhibition

  The 13th Information and Communication Technology Exhibition (Comitex) in Yazd was launched attended by Pishgaman Tose’e Ertebatat, Gam Plus, and Baazargaam companies as well as the Pishgaman Acceleration Center.

 According to a report by the Public Relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group, the 13th Comitext was held from January 2nd to January 5th in Yazd permanent fair ground. The exhibitor companies showcased their latest achievements in computer, mobile phones, office machines as well as smart city.

 The 13th Comitex was set up through supports from Computer Guilt Organization and the General Bureau for the ICT. During the 4-day event, latter was tasked to headhunt the best startups in the province.

 During the event, Pishgaman Tose’e Ertebatat unveiled its latest service which was landline telephone.

Date of Registration: 12 ژانویه 2019
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