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Pishgaman Subsidiary Signs Contract to Manufacture Auto Parts

 Pishgaman Asr-e Ertebatat, one of the multiple subsidiaries of Pishgaman Group, has signed a cooperation agreement with Mega Motor Company and Saa Iran Company to produce engine control units known as ECU for Saipa products, the Public Relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group reported.

 According to the report, the initial assembling includes 5 thousand ECUs while the capacity will grow up to 50 thousand ECUs by the end of the Iranian calendar year which is March 20.

 Among the plans pursued by Saipa Group is to fully localize the production of the ECUs within a two-year medium-term plan and to achieve self-sufficiency to manufacture such a strategic part. An ECU, also commonly called an engine control module, is a type of electronic control unit that controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance. 

 Pishgaman Asr-e Ertebatat holds the biggest share of the project, thanks to the former successful cooperation. After a tight competition with the competitors, the company has been trying to accomplish its mission towards national attainment.

Date of Registration: 12 ژانویه 2019
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