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For the 1st Time in Country: Iranian Experts Achieved Knowhow to Fix Optical Fibers

 Iranian experts achieved the technical knowhow to repair optical fibers, Public Relations of Pishgaman Cooperative Group reported, quoting Ali Yoosefi Sohrabi, the general manager of Pishgaman Kavir Asia.

 According to Yoosefi, Pishgaman Kavir Asia is the only Iranian owner of international optical fiber in High seas while repairing the fibers used to be implemented by foreign experts.

 Under the current sanctions imposed by the U.S., foreign companies demanded $1.5 million to fix our optical fiber line. This is while domestic experts at Pishgaman Kavir Asia managed to accomplish the project thanks to their experience and local expertise, continued Yoosefi. He said apart from great savings, the move has registered the record for our country’s capabilities. Yoosefi expressed hope that our country can make the best use of domestic young scientists through supports initiated by the decision makers in information and communications technology sector.

Date of Registration: 12 ژانویه 2019
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