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Pishkaman Kavir Asia Co. is a successful model for the cooperatives of the country

Dr. Sobhanifar chairman of the Communications and Information Technology Committee of the assembly appreciated the activities of Pishgaman Cooperative Group  during his visit from the Pishkaman Kavir Asia Co. and emphasized that : Pishkaman should be introduced as   a successful model for the cooperatives of  the country.

According to the report of Public Relations Department of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group, Dr. Sobhanifar visited  various  parts of the company  and was informed about the the activities of the Pishgaman  Kavir Asia Company.
The purpose of his visit was as follows: Pishgaman Kavir Asia as the only private owner of the international optical fiber in the world open seas, which currently provides a large part of the country bandwidth. It is one of the leading and active companies in the field of telecommunication and IT that with private sector investment while creating stable employment in the country, it has led to prevent from dependence on foreign companies in the field of equipment and services in this area  and the purpose of this visit is familiarity with the latest achievements of this company in the field of technical and engineering services and study of relevant issues.

The chairman of the Information and Communication and Information Technology Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in evaluating the activities of the Pishgaman  Kavir Asia company said: Pishgaman Kavir Asia  as a model of exporter of technical and engineering services using the best professionals and experts  of IT and communication, relying on the local capabilities in line with the macroeconomic goals of the country, which is to prevent  from dependence to reinforce the  local production, will prioritize the use of local equipment and services in the current economic conditions of the country.

Dr. Sobhanifar, in response to the question “Considering the importance of the resistance economy and the emphasis of the great leadership of the revolution in this regard, how do you evaluate the projects of the Pishgaman cooperative company? He said: “Fortunately, Pishgaman as a successful national cooperative have managed to accomplish the large national projects in the country, a prime example of which is the activities of the Pishgaman Kavir Asia Company, using  Cooperative Economics model, which is a valuable indicator for a resilient economy, and the accumulation of small capital of people.

It should be appreciated that successful cooperatives such as the Pishgaman have been able to offer the service and support of the country in the best way in spite of some difficulties in the current situation. Also, Pishgaman should become a model for other companies and active cooperatives in order to be able to use this valuable potential for all infrastructure projects in all provinces.

Date of Registration: 30 ژوئن 2018
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