Pishgaman Cooperative Activity:

. Provide all new insurance services

. The first dry cooperative port of Iran

. The first paper-making plant in Iran

. The only Iranian fiber optic fiber in the world’s free waters

. Providing high-speed ADSL Internet access nationwide (FCP license)

. The largest electronic co-operative manufacturing company, electronic electronic assembly and assembly

. Designing and delivering numerous computer and web applications

. Providing services, products and equipment for network security

. Providing hosting services and dedicated virtual servers

. Create Smart City Infrastructure and Provide IT-Based Solutions in Smart City

. Perform cultural, sporting and social activities

. Provide IT services, medical health

. The first investor of the private sector in the field of co-operation in the construction and commissioning of biogas power plant using urban sewage in the southern Isfahan refinery

. The first and largest promotional campaign of the country’s knowledge base

. Executive of residential and office projects with modern facilities

. Providing educational services with permission from the country’s technical and vocational organizations

. Providing services to shareholders in the form of Pioneering Customers Club (Step Plus)

. Providing consulting services in the field of information technology, communications and security

. The first implementer of the country’s cooperative innovation accelerator

. Consulting and servicing of railway services

. Providing online tourist services, booking airline and train tickets, booking a hotel

. Designing, supplying equipment and construction of solar power plants and solar farms