Landline Telecommunications Operator

  • Providing specific bandwidth, high speed internet ADSL2+, and central internet VDSL2
  • Providing smart landline phone NGN, and urban internet WIFI
  • Holder of license for setting up and operating Fixed communications Provider (FCP) with an LTE license

Marine Optic Fiber Operator

  • Providing international bandwidth services
  • International MPLS
  • International calls services

Post Operator

  • The first cooperative post company in Iran
  • Providing all postal services including physical, electronic, financial, and logistic services using modern information technologies
  • Terminal port for online stores

Pishgaman Factories

  • The first manufacturer of stone paper in the Middle East
  • The biggest cooperative company which manufactures and assembles electronic boards
  • Manufacturer of light bulbs and ultra-efficient LED floodlights
  • Manufacturer of smart systems to control and track employees attendance

 Managing Supply Chain and Logistics (Dry Port)

  • Providing customs services and clearance
  • Providing Multimode transportation services (rail, road and marine) and tracking goods online
  • A complex of general stores, refrigerated stores, weighbridge and packing services
  • Integrating logistic services
  • Consultation and implementing services on rail transportation

Startup Businesses

  • Financially and spiritually supporting knowledge-based ideas and helping them grow in business atmosphere in fields as varied as information technology, communications, and tourism.
  • Provision, packing and selling agricultural products and food online
  • Consultation and online sales of insurance
  • Selling train and plane tickets online, online booking for hotels and domestic and foreign tours
  • Startup systems in tourism, shopping, transportation, smart businesses, guilds’ communications, healthcare, etc.

Information Technology, Software and Network Security

  • Consultation and implementation of computer networks as well as telecommunication and information security
  • Creating infrastructure for a smart city and provision of services based on Internet of Things (IOT)
  • The country’s research and innovation for information technology and communications

Insurance and Investment

  • Providing all insurance services (representative)
  • Absorbing micro finances in the form of non-member shareholders to start huge projects in the form of cooperatives

Customer Club

  • Providing cheap shopping with installments, and discounts customized by customers
  • Creating loyalty among customers and shareholders of Pishgaman Cooperative Group

 Cultural, Social, and Educational Activities

  • Supporting cultural, sport, and social activities
  • Supporting talented students in poor families both financially and spiritually
  • Providing educational services with official license from Technical and Labor Organization


  • Direct purchase of agricultural products from farmers
  • Sorting and packing the fruits
  • Providing services for refrigerated warehouses
  • Providing educational consultations to farmers aimed at increasing efficiency
  • Eliminating unnecessary middlemen in agriculture sector
  • Providing methods for saving, as well as methods for making equipment for transferring water and irrigation systems


  • Owner of the majority of advertisement space in the country
  • License holder for advertisement in airplanes, advertisement consultations, providing modern advertising campaigns, marker research, branding, etc.