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Iran Develops Homegrown Technology to Fix Undersea Optical Fiber Cables

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian experts at Pishgaman Kavir Asia Co. managed to repair international optical fiber cables under the high seas with local equipment and expertise.

According to the public relations department of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group and a report from Iran’s Economic News Agency, Pishgaman Kavir Asia Co. -a subsidiary of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group- was established a decade ago with the purpose of creating links with the other countries in the telecommunications industry in the areas covering voice and data technology as well as offering international bandwidth.

“The expert activities of the company in the areas of bandwidth and data transit began in 2012 with the implementation of the first international undersea optical fiber project, known as POI, in the high seas between the Iranian and Omani waters, under the ownership of Iran and with cooperative funds. As its first achievement, the project provided bandwidth with a speed of 10 GB for the Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC),” CEO of Pishgaman Kavir Asia Co. said in an interview,

Pishgaman Kavir Asia is the only Iranian owner of international optical fiber cables in the international waters, Ali Yousefi Sahzabi noted, adding, “The repairs and maintenance of these fibers, which provide international bandwidth, used to be carried out by the foreign experts in the past.”

“In the current circumstances and given the existing sanctions, the Iranian experts of Pishgaman Kavir Asia Co. could for the first time acquire the technical know-how to repair such major fiber line by relying on their own experience, knowledge and indigenous expertise, preventing an outflow of currency from the country and obtaining the technical know-how to do such a major job,” he added.

In separate comments, Deputy CEO of Pishgaman Kavir Asia Co. Vahid Reza Ekhlas provided an explanation of the local experts’ success to achieve the know-how to repair optical fibers, saying a foreign contractor has undertaken the task of repairs and maintenance of Pishgaman’s undersea optical fibers according to a contract.

“Considering a malfunction in the POI optical fiber at a time when the country is facing sanctions, it was impossible to have a foreign contractor make repairs to the cable. Therefore, upon a decision by the directors and after overcoming the sanction-related obstacles, the job of designing all equipment and manufacturing the necessary components for repairs was performed with reliance on the knowledge and expertise of the company’s experts in a span of three months, despite a lack of the required components and tools. After receiving assurances about results of the final tests on the tools and apparatus in Azar (November 22- December 21), the company’s personnel could successfully repair the fiber with the minimum cost in late December 2018 and prevent an outflow of millions of dollars from the country,” he explained.

“Regarding the remarks by the Supreme Leader about the need to put the resistance economy into practice, the whole necessary facilities to carry out the project, including the ship, the apparatus, and the designing and production process were provided by employing the local sources and potential,” Ekhlas noted.

He finally described acquisition of the know-how to repair international optical fibers in the high seas as the greatest achievement of the company’s experts in that project, expressing the hope that the significant breakthrough would help raise the level of technical expertise of the Iranian workforce.



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