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PKCG Praised in Top Cooperatives Festival

Pishgaman Kavir Cooperative Group, PKCG, together with Pishgaman Customers Club were selected as the best cooperatives in the province.

 According to the report published by the Public Relations of the PKCG, the event was held in the conference hall at Moshir-al Mamaalek Hotel in Yazd. The festival was attended by Kalantari, deputy minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare; Zamani, the General Governor of Yazd Province; Riahi, General Manager of Cooperation Organization of Yazd, as well as members of top provincial cooperatives. The prizes were given to Dr. Rezaeinejad and Amirhossein Rezaeinejad on behalf of the PKCG and the Pishgaman Customers Club, respectively.

 The deputy minister said: “Cooperation Week is an opportunity to promote the horizons of cooperation in the society. Today the necessity to promote cooperative culture and collaboration spirit is being felt more than ever”. Hamid Kalantari pointed to the threats against the country and added: “Cooperative spirit is among the great assets of the country, which has unfortunately been neglected since we witness misbehaviors such as hoarding”.

People in Yazd are symbols of hardwork, innovation, and creativity so they should help each other for more cooperative activities. Bigger upstream cooperatives are also required to share their expertise and experience with other smaller cooperatives, said Kalantari.

The General Governor of Yazd Province, Mahmoud Zamani Qomi, for his part, expressed the necessity to promote cooperative culture and. He urged for circumstances under which people are encouraged to move towards economic plans. Promotion of collaboration and cooperation among people will definitely flourish domestic capacities which will bring positive economic results, said Qomi.

Today’s world is a world of popular collaboration which is considered as a way to realize development and growth, said Riahi, the General Manager at Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare Organization of Yazd and the Secretary of Best Provincial Cooperatives. According to Riahi, cooperative pattern revives the values based on collaboration, cooperation, unity, and social responsibility. He also urged implementation of such model in Yazd Province.

Date of Registration: 18 اکتبر 2018
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