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Pishgaman Post Baadpa Cooperative Company Crowned as Best National Cooperative

Pishgaman Post Baadpa Cooperative Company was bestowed the top prize in the 13th Best National Cooperatives Festival.

 According to the report by the Public Relations of Pishgaman Kavir Cooperative Group, PKCG, the festival was held on the occasion of Cooperation Week. The event was attended by Mohsen Bandpey, caretaker of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Kalantari, the deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, as well as Rabee’i, the former minister.

 During the event, the member of the board at Pishgaman Baadpa Post Cooperation Company, Dr. Mohammad Reza Rezaeinejad and the general manager of the company, Hadi Eslami, were honored by the symbol of Best National Cooperative.

 Today, the country needs cooperation culture more than ever, said Kalantari during the festival, adding that a cooperative as big as Iran should be founded and all the citizens should be members of the cooperative. He enumerated the principles of cooperatives as trusteeship, honesty, collaboration and participation.

 The deputy minister mentioned the number of cooperative companies in Iran as 93 thousand. According to him, cooperative companies account for a huge capacity for the country’s economy. Reiterating the necessity of benefiting from capabilities of cooperatives, he added that corruption and improper behaviors must be replaced by cooperative culture.

Date of Registration: 18 اکتبر 2018
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