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technologies. In this regard, Keypad Pishgaman company became a knowledge base company receiving the related a licenses.

By the end of the year, 500 units of solar power plant will be operated.
Hosseini Ezatabadi, managing director of Pishgaman Solar Energy Co., said: “The first phase of solar power plants is underway.

According to the report of  Public Relations Department of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group, Seyyed  Javad Hosseini  Ezabadi, the managing director of Pishgaman Solar Energy Co. at Yazd  First Solar Energy Thinking Room, was held with the participation of provincial authorities to assess the situation of the province in fields of capacity and activities in the solar energy   said :

” A plan was approved at the resistance economic council of the province to equip 1,000 residential units for the home solar power plant”.

He added that the world is moving towards the creation of local power plants, and the only issue that is developing in line with the world development is the solar energy issue. Hosseini Azatabadi stated: In the first phase, 137 residential buildings are in operation, 27 units in the circuit and 10 units will be connected to the circuit soon, and the rest will be connected to the network, respectively.

 Managing director of Pishgaman Solar Energy Corporation said: “Due to performance constraints in establishment of solar power plants, we designed a” step-by-step “plan, according to which the cooperative company was established and all those who have home power plants can become a member of this company and will cooperate in the form of supplying power plant operators.
 He continued: “Our participation is in this way that people have invested 15 million Tumans and the plant is established and monthly income will be paid to them from the income of the power plant and the owner of the house will share up to 6 million in this company.

Hosseini Ezabadi said that we have visited and evaluated more than 500 to 137

residential houses for the implementation of this project. “Some houses cannot install power plant due to investment,” he said.

He announced the launch of an internal monitoring system to provide online information to owners of homes with power plants and said: “With this system, people can see the momentum performance, monthly and annual generation of the plant and its revenue, and we hope that we can increase the number of power plants 500 units by the end of the year.

Date of Registration: 30 ژوئن 2018
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