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Visit of active persons of the cooperative sector with the chairman of the Islamic parliament

The joint meeting of the cooperative board of director, the union managing directors and a group of heads of cooperative chambers across the country were held with the chairman of the Islamic parliament and the cooperative fraction Board of director in the parliament building. .

According the report of the Public Relations Department of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group and the database of cooperative chamber of Iran, in this meeting, the head of the cooperatives chamber of Iran, Bahman Abdollahi, presented a detailed report on the status of the cooperative sector to the chairman of Parliament, saying that “the cooperative sector has created more than 1800 thousand jobs.

Abdullahi said that the cooperative sector is considered as one of the most important pillars of the country economy, added: “currently there are 100,000 active cooperatives in the country”. He continued:  “According to statistics, 52 percent of cooperatives are active in the agricultural, manufacturing, industrial era, 31 percentages of cooperatives in the services sector and 17% of this sector is active in the distribution sector.

In this meeting, also Bahrami, chairman of the carpet and handicraft union, said: “In 2015, about 470,000 people were covered by insurance, but unfortunately these figures decreased to 158 thousand, on the other hand, in order to support Iranian goods, The exhibition subsidy is needed that should be paid for this area.

Further on, in this meeting, also Khakfarji, managing director the union of Housing Cooperatives for the government employees, Fazeli, managing director of the union of Aluminum Industries Companies in the Iran building, has explained some obstacles of the production and industry sectors as well as the problems of exporters and producers. It should be mentioned that Tahmine Daniali, adviser of the cooperative chamber in women’s affairs, also provided an extensive explanation about the role of women in cooperative era, the employment rate of the cooperatives for women and the problems of investors in housing.

It should be mentioned that the managing director of the Pishgaman cooperative group, one of the most prominent and largest cooperatives of country, Dr Mohammad Reza Rezaeinezhad was present at this meeting.

Date of Registration: 15 می 2018
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