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Installation of more than 120 domestic solar power plants in Yazd province until the end of spring

Seyyed Javad Hoseini Ezabadi.the managing director of Pishgaman solar energy corporation announced : “By the end of this spring, maximum120 solar power plants will be installed on the roofs of Yazd  homes. He added: “Last year, this project was tested experimentally and implemented in some residential homes and power was generated in the power grid of the province. He referred  to  people good welcome  for the plan, and added “Roof to roof   project of Pishgaman solar energy Corporation, which is implemented with cooperation of  regional power company and generated power purchasing guarantee by the government, while helping to preserve the environment and Clean energy generation, it will be a good source of income for families. Hoseini Ezabadi said: “since the beginning of April, the new period of the installation of solar power plants has begun in Yazd province and we hope that according to the schedule, we will be able to equip more than 120 power plants and transmit their power into the grid until the end of this spring”.

The managing director of the Pishgaman Solar Energy Corporation expressed his hope that with the proper development of the community, we will be witness of all citizens’ more desire to use the clean energy.

Date of Registration: 15 می 2018
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