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Visit of coordinator deputy of Economic Affairs of the governor general office from Green Industry Pishgaman and Pishgaman Asr Ertebatat companies

Ali Zainivand , informed the targeted attention to successful industrial sectors in the year of support for the Iranian goods in the province during visiting the he green industry Pishgaman Sanatesabz (Green Industry Pishgaman).

According to the report of Public Relations Department of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group, coordinator deputy of Economic Affairs and development resources of the governor general office and the accompanying board visited the companies of Pishgaman Asr Ertebatat and Pishgaman Sanatesabz (Green Industry Pishgaman) and they became aware of activities circumstance of these companies.

During a visit from the Pishgaman Sanatesabz, Sami, managing director of the company pointed out how to produce paper from stone and highlighted the excellence of this type of paper versus ordinary paper, and considered the water savings as one of the most important advantages of stone paper.

 During visiting from the Pishgaman Asr Ertebatat production cooperative co., Pourroustay the managing director of this Co. also introduced the electronics industry, lighting industry, board industries and electronic city as the activity fields of this Co., and added: “Pishgaman Asr Ertebatat  is one of the largest electronic board production plant in the Middle East”.

Then, Zaynivand, coordinator deputy of economic affairs and development of the governor general office resources emphasized the government organizations shall used the Iranian goods and added: “We are trying to encourage all government departments to use the domestic products in the year of support for Iranian products. Also, referring to the year slogan he specified that “ , our year slogan leads us to special attention to marketing, because in addition to the variety of domestic products, special attention has not been paid to this principle.

Date of Registration: 15 می 2018
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