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Gaining the first place of the country by the ECOBAR team from Pishgaman accelerator

ECOBAR startup team from Pishgaman accelerator gained the first place of the Silk Road national event.

      According to report of the Public Relations of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group, the Silk Road Startup Meeting was held with the participation of the startups, investors, companies and accelerators from all over Iran, as well as the entrepreneurs, managers and investors from Europe and other countries, on April 7 and 19 in Kish, and Pishgaman better accelerator startups such as Pinjap and ECOBAR were won in the event.

In the event, after the difficult and close competition between the best startups of the country, ECOBAR team from the first cycle teams of the Pishgaman accelerator center, was selected as the first team, overtaking all the rivals, so awarded the valuable prize of this event to go abroad step. It should be mentioned that Ladies: Abadiyan, a Khedmatgozar and Karimi are the successful founders of this startups, who have spent all stages of this project at Pishgaman accelerator center.

Date of Registration: 15 می 2018
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